Birthday festivities and an almond cake

Hi from Brisbane. Today is "bday". I was up early to check my emails for birthday messages and to make the birthday cake. The cake was out of the oven by 8.00 a.m. and even though I make the almond cake recipe the same way every time, sometimes the cake is a little too dry and sometimes it's over moist. I've not had a slice yet but my Dad has given the cake his seal of approval so it must be okay.

Just before lunchtime my friend Amanda came visiting with her 2 children. Linden specially made me a beautiful painting featuring sequins and a dog which I'll frame once I get home. Once they left it was time for lunch. Even though we all had a great dinner last night at ecco, I was ravenous.

My brother cooked roast beef with red wine a la Jamie Oliver and Dad made the best plum pudding ever and we've all been in a roast beef coma for the afternoon.

I think tonight we'll be dining on toast. More birthday news to follow as I still have 3 more birthday outings this week.



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