Sydney Fish Markets

Well winter has arrived in Sydney. Saturday arrived cold, damp, windy and very dreary. I'd made arrangements to have lunch with work friends at the Sydney Fish Markets over a month ago. It's an annual event but apparently it's 2 years since our last get together. Normally we eat outdoors but not on this Saturday as we joined the throngs indoors. After an 8 course degustation dinner at Claude's on Thursday night I was in no mood for eating. Whilst the others ate, I went outside to take some photos of the seagulls at the Anzac Bridge.

As I was away last weekend I had loads of washing to do this weekend. I don't have a dryer and today the weather is even worse than yesterday so all my washing is hanging in the living room draped over the heater in an attempt to get it to dry. I escaped the Bellevue Hill Chinese laundry and treated myself to a movie. I went to see "Sex and the City" and I loved it. It was very girlie though and the only middle aged man in the audience walked out halfway through.
More birthday dinners planned for this coming week. It's time to hit the gym,



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