Saturday was a scorcher of a day in Sydney. I made my way down to Coogee to the Coogee Family Fun Day held as a fundraiser for the Sydney Children's Hospital in Randwick. I was on the hunt for Christmas presents but I heard on good authority that Santa was visiting the beach that day. I found what I was looking for pretty quickly and spent the rest of the time taking a few photos of the area.

Sydney is blessed with beaches and Coogee isn't that far from my home. It's a well known backpacker location and the recovery location for the Sydney Swans. 

There are many great old buildings still left in Coogee including the infamous Coogee Bay Hotel. Coogee is also where my travel agent Kurt is based, down at the Coogee Bay Road Flight Centre.

I came home to work on a wedding album before heading out to Foveaux's for dinner. I was up early to do some Christmas shopping but came home without gifts for any-one but me. This has got to stop as I still have 1 present to source by Wednesday and another one by this coming Saturday! My present to myself was a pair of gold sandals that were on sale (thankfully) as the original price was too ridiculous for words. I misread the label on the shoes and they ended up being a $100 more expensive than I originally thought. I don't tend to take my reading glasses with me when I'm out shopping and it does land me in a bit of strife at times.



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