Dobos Torte

When I was growing up, Dobos Torte was the celebration cake amongst my parents circle of friends. We always left the party with a brick of caramel covered cake wrapped in foil. I only ever ate the toffee and left the cake and frosting well alone.

When my sister turned 21, she asked if I would make a Dobos torte for her birthday cake. I made the cake from my Time Life Book on the Cooking of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. I made every one of the 7 layers individually and whipped the cocoa butter cream with egg yolks and sugar syrup just like the recipe instructed.

My sister requested a Dobos Torte for her birthday this year so at Christmas time with all the family present, I gathered the ingredients and made the cake over a 2 day period. I used the same recipe as before though I did a bit of a search on the internet first.

Trying to pipe the butter cream in a kitchen that was over 30 degrees C was a bit of a challenge but I managed okay. With 7 layers of butter cake, interspersed with chocolate butter cream and topped with a caramel layer this is a truly wicked cake but very very good! 


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