When I was in Canberra I spied this bike and trailer parked behind the National Gallery. I heard on the radio that a classic bike rally was being held in Canberra as part of the Australia Day Long Weekend festivities so the bike started to make more sense.

I drove back to Sydney via Gunning and Collector. It's been a hot, dry old summer and the earth is bleached golden brown. As I turned off the Federal Highway I started seeing lots of elderly bikes being ridden by elderly drivers en route to where??? 

I drove through a tiny place called Gundaroo on my way to Gunning. When I drove through the main street and found it lined with bikes and particularly Adlers, I discovered the bikes were heading to Gundaroo. It looked like such a cute place so I stopped to take some photos. 

A chatty young local lad told me all about the rally and that its epicentre was the local pub and that prizes were handed out for the loudest bikes and the biggest bikes and that I should go up and take a look....

Instead I picked up my camera and went for a stroll. I took my film camera along with me for the ride and took some photos. I've only used half a roll of film so far but when it's finished and developed I'll post the film images alongside their digital equivalents for comparison.

After Gundaroo it was back in the car and on my way to Gunning. More photos to come,


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