I've been to Collector before but I've never visited Gunning. When I found out the 2 places were only 24 kilometres apart I decided to return to Sydney via the scenic route taking in both Gunning and Collector. None of the sites I visited mentioned the road to Collector was unsealed for about 20 kilometres. The car handled the road pretty well though she was looking a bit dusty by the time we arrived in Collector.

Gunning is a pretty typical country town with a few cafes, a book store, an antique shop, a courthouse and a Chinese restaurant.

I particularly liked Bailey's Garage and shot a few film images whilst I was there.

As I didn't fancy a lamb burger for lunch at the local cafe I got back into my car and drove to the Lynwood Cafe.

I met one other car on the drive to Collector. I passed by amazing bleached fields of grasses blown by the wind which I stopped to photograph.

I can't wait to see how the film version turned out.

Next post - the Lynwood cafe.


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