Little Miss "B", aged 3

As you know, I still use film where ever possible. It's not that I'm a luddite, it's just that I like the inherent texture that film images possess. I only used a third of a roll of Fuji NPH 400 when I took my road trip to Canberra, so I used the remaining roll of film last Sunday.

I drove over to Harbord last Sunday to see some good friends and was entertained by their rock star daughter (check out the shades!).

I've been taking photos of Miss B since she was a week old and she has just turned three. She is a little character and very busy.

I ran out of film just as she tried on the fairy outfit she'll be wearing to a birthday party tomorrow. I've promised to return so I can take photos of Miss B with wings.

Being three is so much fun,


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