Friday Favourite - Tomatoes in Sicily

I've always loved Italian food ever since I was a little girl. We used to eat out at a local restaurant called the Cortina Bar every second Sunday. If we didn't dine in, my Papa would return from the restaurant witha steaming bowl of pasta and sauce. When we dined in my sister and I would enjoy bowls of steaming rigatoni bolognaise followed by chocolate and lemon gelati. The Cortina Bar is long gone but I still remember when they installed a pizza oven and our menu selection expanded. My Papa was inspired to start making his own pizzas and to this day he still makes a very fine pizza.

I went to Italy a few years ago and whilst there spent a week in Sicily. I had the most wonderful time there exploring antiquities and the food markets and I have to say that the food was the best part of a fabulous trip. I chowed down on pasta at every meal and if it came flavoured with porcini mushrooms - all the better.

Our first stop was the glamorous town of Taormina where I ate Pasta Norma for the first time. I found these beautiful tomatoes whilst roaming around the town and had to photograph them because they represented to me all that was fine about Sicily.


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