Rhubarb Streusel Cake

When I first started work at Greenslopes Hospital I had a Canadian born work colleague named Sonia. One day Sonia bought in an amazing rhubarb cake topped with pecans and brown sugar and of course I asked Sonia for a copy of the recipe.

As I have a self declared love for Rhubarb, it was only a matter of time before a Rhubarb cake appeared on the blog. The only problem - I no longer had Sonia's hand written recipe. I think it may still be at home in Brisbane in my old recipe box.

I have great faith in the Internet and started my quest to track down Sonia's recipe. I put rhubarb cake; rhubarb crumble cake and rhubarb cake with pecans into my search engine but I couldn't find the recipe. I had a brainwave and put Rhubarb Coffee Cake into the search engine and up came a recipe in Canadian Home Living that just about matched Sonia's recipe in every way.

I made the recipe using just a little less liquid and substituted pecans for the hazelnuts and voila, there was the cake just as I'd remembered. I took the cake into work last Tuesday and by lunch time there was only one slice left. A few of my colleagues weren't at work that day so I hid the last piece of cake so they wouldn't be left out. The things I have to do.

Next post will be from a special little photo shoot I did on Sunday. Check back Thursday Sydney time (Wednesday in North America and Europe). 

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  1. Your food photos are wonderful. The cake looks very tempting.


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