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First comes love, then comes marriage etc, etc. A few years ago I drove down to the Mornington Peninsula to attend the wedding of my good friends Jenny and Tony. Fast forward a few years and they're now the proud parents of 2 children - a boy and a girl. Their 2 cherubs are pictured below in all their glory during a recent trip to Sydney.

What do my friends have in common with Queenberry albums and wedding photography? Quite a lot as it happens. Do you remember how much fun you had looking back at your parents and grandparents wedding albums? With the onset of the digital age, most images never make it past your computer, let alone into an album. I think it will be sad not to be able to pick up an album which documents all of life's important events.

The wedding album is your first family heirloom and for a few years now I've been using Queensberry albums because they provide beautifully made bespoke albums which showcase my images perfectly. This afternoon I put on my wedding photographer's hat and went into the city to attend a Queenberry album seminar.

Queensberry albums have just launched their newly designed website which for the first time ever caters for the bride and groom. I had chat with Danny and Ratkim from the team and I've been promised a tour of the Queensberry factory in Auckland if/when I get to New Zealand later in the year. Danny has also promised that the software boys will take me out for a kebab. That's an offer that's just about too good to refuse!

I'll be back at the end of the week,


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  1. Hiya Jillian

    It was nice meeting you yesterday, and of course we'll honor the kebab offer!

    Warm Regards

    p.s. Nice blog images ;-)


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