Friday Favourite - Grandma's Tea Set

When I'm home in Brisbane it's always a challenge finding good light in which to photograph. My favourite location is downstairs in what used to be the garage before it was turned into a family room. You should see me balanced on a rickety old chair trying to take an overhead shot without breaking my neck.

I've always loved photography, particularly black and white photography. One of the best exponents of the art was Sydney artist Max Dupain and for a short time he was married to another photographer called Olive Cotton. I saw a retrospective of her work at the Art Gallery of New South Wales long before I studied photography and I was particularly taken with Tea Cup Ballet.

The tea cups are from my late Grandma's tea set. Every Mother's Day Grandma would host a morning tea and would serve cheese blintzes and her special apple pie on matching plates. The pattern is quite wild isn't it? The insides of the cups are stained and crazed with age and you can only imagine the stories they would have heard over the years.

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