White Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies

It's Father's Day today, so firstly Happy Father's Day to my Papa. If I were home in Brisbane I'd be baking something special for him, but it wouldn't be these brownies. Dad would find them way too sweet.

These brownies are much sweeter than than anything else I bake but they're very good and my workmates love them.

I've made them quite a few times before but have never bothered cutting them into circles as suggested in the recipe. I did this time and the first question every-one asked was "what happened to all the bits you cut off?" Well I kept them for myself and they were good.

Back to work again for me tomorrow and I'll be taking in my latest creation. I'll post some images next week once it's been cut and tasted. To all of you having a Public Holiday on Monday - have a great day off.

Bye for now,


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