Since my last post I've managed to edit all my photos from Melbourne. Expect a few more Melbourne posts during the next few weeks and a shopshoot as well.

Today I'm showing you some of the photos I took in downtown Melbourne. I literally ran through the Block Arcade, along Block Place, back through Howey Place where the Melbourne Bison store (sadly no longer lives) and onto Collins Street for a brisk walk to Parliament Station.

Isn't the Block Arcade a grand edifice? Whilst taking some photos I even bumped into Farmer Andrew, who was also visiting Melbourne for the weekend.

If you've visited the blog in the last few days you may have noticed I've added a google translate icon so my overseas readers can access the blog more easily. Unfortunately the icon doesn't appear if you're reading this through an RSS feed or through Google Reader, so you'll need to click onto the blog itself.

Next post will be my visit to a very glamorous organic vegetable emporium in Fitzroy so check back on Friday.


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