Shopshoot -The Vegetable Connection

When I last wrote I was just about to hop on tram 112 to Fitzroy. I first visited Fitzroy 7 years ago when I was in town attending a friends wedding. I stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast which unfortunately has since closed down. I enjoyed exploring Brunswick Street, looking in the shops and eating in the restaurants and since that visit I always drop by Fitzroy whenever I'm in town. 

I walked past the vegetable connection and the vegetable displays looked so appealling, I asked if I could take a few photos. When I was given the okay, I went to work.

The organic fruit and vegetables were thoughtfully arranged and were in beautiful condition.

I was not alone. For the first time ever I shared a shop with another person taking photos of vegetables! I couldn't resist and took a quick shot. Wouldn't it be funny if she were one of my blog readers.

It's been a long week so I'm about to do the dishes before plonking myself on the couch. I'll be back Monday with a shopshoot from Melbourne so I hope you'll come back then.

Let the weekend begin,


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