Sorry for being such a tardy blogger but I've been too busy to work on my photos until now. You should have seen me designing collages this morning whilst on the train from Helsinki to Turku. That's right, I'm in Finland now but I'm yet to blog half my photos from Oslo. The good news is that they're all prepared and ready to go, so I can promise you 2 blog posts this week. These photos are from my trip to Fläm, part of the Norway in a Nutshell tour.

First stop on the journey was Finse, the highest altitude of the journey. It may have been summer but it's hard to tell in Finse. I could have sworn I felt snowflakes on my cheek.

The journey ended at Myrdal, where we caught the Flämsbana down into the valley to the tiny village of Fläm, population 500. Fläm rests at the heart of the Aurlands Fjord and it's a beautiful and peaceful place.

I decided to stay over night at the Flämsbrygga Hotel and I can thoroughly recommend it. The hotel is very new and the room was really sweet looking out over the fjord. I decided to take a walk to old Fläm to visit the church. It's a popular walk and I met many fellow travellers along the way, some animal and some human.

The next morning after another very hearty Scandinavian breakfast I boarded the boat for my fjord cruise to Gudvangen. Well the scenery was as breathtaking as promised so I took way too many photos. I'll just share a few with you.


Whilst I was AWOL, I noticed Holly from decor8 featured some of my Bison Shopshoot photos. Brian, the owner, emailed me last week and let me know that Bison now shops internationally which is good news for all of you not lucky enough to live around the corner from the Bison store. Brian also lived in Sweden for a time so he's given me some things to see and do when I hit Stockholm next week. 

Next time I write, I'll be sharing my photos from Bergen on Norway's west coast. So until then,


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