Oslo continued part II

As promised, here are some more images from Oslo. I'm now in Bergen so my time in Norway is almost over. Next destination, Finland but for now, back to Oslo. The first day I arrived I went to see the National Gallery which was quite close to the hotel. The gallery of course features the work of Munch but they also have quite a large display of French Impressionists.

From there I walked past the National Theatre and it's pretty summer gardens. My friend Bea tells me in winter the ponds freeze over and people ice skate.

I attended a conference reception which was held at the Oslo town hall, an interestng example of the brutalism school of architecture. I can thank my brother, Farmer Andrew, for that piece of architectural information.

The city hall is where the Nobel Peace Prize is presented. The town hall's marble interior and colourful frescoes are at complete odds with it's exterior. 

I had no time for shopping but I did pass by a sweet flower shop, Bare Blomster and snapped a few photos.

When the conference was over I visited the Viking Ship Museum and walked back through Dronningen - lots of trees and gorgeous wooden houses. I wished the day had been more pleasant to enjoy it's prettiness without the soggy jeans and sodden feet from walking through too many puddles.

My last day in Oslo was spent with friends so apart from lunch in Majorstuen and dinner downtown, we visited the Munch Museum, the Nobel Peace Centre and Vigeland Park.

I discovered that wearing gumboots in the rain is a fashionable thing amongst the beautiful people in Oslo. Who knew?

It's time for me to get ready to walk the streets of Bergen with my camera so I better go. I'll be back in a few days with some photos of Flam and the beautiful fjords, so until then,


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