Lime Curd Crumble Cake

One of my colleagues came back from an overseas trip raving about a cake she'd tried at the airport - a lime curd crumb cake. She took a photo of the cake with her i-phone and from that I was supposed to recreate the cake. Well I tried my best and the taste was close but it wasn't quite right.

I made the lime curd using the microwave method and adapted a Bill Granger recipe using the grated rind and juice of 2 limes. I used a Martha Stewart recipe for the base but sorry Martha, apparently the texture was a bit heavy and there was too much crumb. I'll use my own lemon cake recipe next time and work on the lime curd which tasted right but wasn't soft enough. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to rectify that as the curd ends up being cooked twice.

I also forgot to dust the top of the cake with icing sugar but that's easy enough to rectify because undoubtedly, there will be a next time.

There's going to be quite a long break now before I can post any baking as I'll be on the road until the end of July. I hope I can keep you entertained with images and stories from the road. I'm not sure how regular the posting will be especially for the next week. It's a long way from Sydney to Oslo so it's going to take me about 30 hours to get there and once I'm there I'll be attending a a conference for 3 days.

I can't even tell you the challenges involved in negotiating a strange place with a head in a jetlag fog let alone staying awake through 10 hours of lectures when you keep waking at 2.00 a.m. Wish me luck!

Until the next time,


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