I've just returned from Brisbane and as it's very cold here in Sydney, I've decided to treat myself to some apple crumble for dessert. I can smell cinnamon and apple coming from the oven so this blog post may be a short one.

I spent the mid summer break in Gothenburg where I stayed at the very glamorous Avalon Hotel.

Gothenburg is very different from Stockholm but charming nevertheless.

Coming from Australia I had no idea that mid summer was such a big deal in Scandinavia. Unfortunately the time I spent in Gothenburg was affected by the mid summer break. Shops - closed; art galleries and museums - closed. Luckily the gardens were still open and the famous amusement park, Liseberg.

I'm not one for rides, so I concentrated on capturing the colour and movement of the amusement park with my camera.

I was mesmerised by the beautiful gardens of the Garden Society, which were much more my style, complete with maypole for the mid summer festivities.

As it was so quiet, when I went out early in the morning to take photos, I had the whole town to myself, including the magnificent Gothenburg Cathedral.

I have every intention of returning to Gothenburg next time I'm in Europe because I don't think I saw it at it's best.

Come back on Wednesday, as I have some baking for you, that's if I can work out how to upload my images to a new site. Wish me luck!

Until then,



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