Stockholm Part 2

Well here I am, back again with part II of my trip to Stockholm. The weather was absolutely gorgeous during my stay and there were crowds of people out during their lunch breaks enjoying the sun.

Although I didn't have time to do a shopshoot in Stockholm, I did find time to do some shopping and bought some goodies from Granit and Ahlens. I visited Asplund as well, which was filled with gorgeous things, most of which unfortunately were too large to carry home with me. In my wanders I found and took a few photos of Restaurang B.A.R, which has already been featured on many blogs.

I visited the Skansen open air museum and walked through the villages. I loved the rose garden and was blown away by the smell of cinnamon buns baking in the village. Skansen also has a great store which features some of the items made on site and I bought a wooden butter spreader, similar to the one I'd admired at the breakfast buffet. When I get a chance I'll take some photos of the goodies I purchased on my trip. At the moment, I haven't had time to finish my unpacking.

To continue with my sightseeing theme, I also visited Drottningholm Palace. Once again I'd hoped to tour the palace but it was shut so they could 'clean up after the big party' following the Royal wedding to quote one of the ladies in the git shop. Not to mind though, because the grounds of the palace were magnificent.

I know it sounds a little weird but one of the nicest places I visited in Stockholm was a cemetery, the Woodland Cemetery also known as Skogskyrkogarden. I arrived very early in the morning so apart from the gardeners, I was the only person around. It was such a serene place.

So there you have it, my take on Stockholm. I'll be back next week with some images of Gothenburg and maybe some baking. I hope you all have a great weekend.

See you all next week,


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