The Last Stop - Hong Kong

I arrived in Hong Kong today after a long flight from Zurich. Whilst in Zurich I met up with some former clients who've now become friends and their 6 week old daughter. I spent some time wandering around the streets of the old town and once I'm home and can edit the photos, I'll share them with you.

Zurich was scorching and at one time the car thermometer registered 40 degrees. It was seriously hot - much hotter than Hong Kong.

I'm now staying in the uber cool Hotel Mira, with rooms designed by Colin Cowie. The room has an interactive tv p.c which is how this blogpost is coming to you. It's so ultra fab that I've had to take some photos to show you.

I'll be home so soon I can almost smell Sydney. I've heard it's been really cold there unlike the last week I've had in Paris and Zurich. I wonder how I'll cope?

It's been a long day so it's time I hit the bed. I'm hoping next week to start bringing you some new photos from my journey.

Until then,


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