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Hi every-one,

I'm now back home in Sydney. I flew in yesterday from Hong Kong and had my first decent nights sleep in weeks. I've gone through the mountain of mail, sorted through my pack and completed 3 loads of washing and have started the process of editing my photos.

I was working on the images in this blog post when my laptop's graphics card burnt out. Porvoo is a short bus ride from Helsinki and filled with such prettiness and many tourists. It's famous for it's rust covered buildings, which line the river banks.

As Scandinavia is such an expensive location, it seems to attract many mature tourists and this was no more evident than in Porvoo.

Porvoo also has some great shops and it was where I bought my first home wares purchases. I spent a bit of time this morning unpacking and admiring my purchases, all of which survived the journey home.

I've been putting it off but it's time to return to some more photo editing. I'll be back next week with images of Turku, the next stop on my journey.

Have a great weekend,


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