As a special treat during my recent holiday I stayed in Paris for 6 days at the sweet little Hotel Taylor. I'd heard about the Merci store in the Marais and was keen to see it for myself. The store is currently shrouded in scaffolding, so I walked straight past it.

What did I find inside? An intoxicating blend of fashion, furniture, homewares, plus 2 cafes. I was so impressed I visited the store twice.

This is what I came home with, a pretty scarf to brighten up my winter wardrobe and a few necklets to thank the special girl pals who joined me in Paris.

Thanks to Holly for featuring my Merci photos at decor8 today.

I'll be back again on Friday with a few more photos from Paris.

Bye for now,


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  1. I just saw your photos at Holly's site.. Isn't it a great shop I was there beginning of august as well! Also the lunch I had from the take away next door was so beautiful.... I think I just loved everything in Merci... Did you bring one opf the famous paper bags ?
    nice to have found your site today
    greetings from Amsterdam
    Ohh I have several little spots from my city on my blog as wel seeing you are planning a visit next june.


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