Paris and an Ode to Black and White Film

I was thinking about what to write today. I knew I'd be posting some of my photos from Paris and decided to show some of my black and white film images. Apart from some spotting (removing dust and scratches from the scans) and altering the contrast, the images are as is. No photoshop wizardry has been applied.

I collected the scans a few weeks ago and I've been sitting on them for a while waiting for the right time to post them. There is something about black and white film images that I just love.

I love that I don't know how the images are going to turn out until the film is developed. I love that I have to trust my camera, my instincts and my knowledge to produce an image. It's like a little bit of magic. 

Every time I travel, I debate whether I really need to carry my film body, lens and my lead lined filmsafe bag. Every time the film comes back from the lab I fall more in love with black and white film photography.

Have a great weekend and see you all again next week,


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