Pecan Maple Friands

I stumbled upon this recipe a while ago. As far as I can tell, a friand is exactly the same as the French financier - a delicate confection of butter, egg whites and ground nuts. This recipe uses ground pecans and I decided to toast the pecans before putting them into the food processor. 

I decided to make the friands in some pretty fluted tins, so if you do the same, this recipe should make about 20.

The cute gingham napkin is by fog linen work and the tray is from the Design Forum Shop in Helsinki. I took the friands into work a few weeks ago, keeping a few at home for myself. The combination of toasted pecans and maple syrup is a gorgeous one and they were very well received at work as well.

When I get the chance (and if I can find it) I'll scan the comments from the girls.

I'll be back again on Wednesday with a post that's a little different from the norm and it involves the Sydney Olympic Games, so until then,


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