Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

Do you remember what you were doing 10 years ago? Well I do. I was at Circular Quay at one of the live sites watching the Opening Ceremony of the 2000 Olympic Games with a group of friends.

I was one of the band of volunteers at the Sydney Olympic Games and for 3 weeks I worked as part of the medical team. I started work at one of the training venues before moving to a competition venue. That's me in the picture below - a bit of a hot and sweaty mess - wearing the oh so attractive volunteers uniform.

It was such a special 2 weeks in Sydney. The trains ran on time; the weather was perfect every day bar the day of the mens road race; the harbour sparkled, the place looked immaculate and just like Disneyland, for that 2 weeks, Sydney was the happiest place in the world. Or at least that's how it felt.

It was funny looking back through my photo album because I found a copy of my schedule. Working as part of the medical team I covered handball, badminton and basketball. I was set a cracking schedule and as I was also trying to work at my day job, sometimes I'd work a 14 hour day.

It wasn't all work though. One day I met up with 2 girlfriends and we spent the day at Bondi, watching the beach volleyball. The sun shone, the music was pumping and we were surrounded by handsome young men so really the day was perfect.

I managed to score Athletics tickets so was in the stadium when Cathy Freeman won the 400 metre titles. The atmosphere truly was electric as Cathy was carried over the line in a wave of emotion.

Do you have any special memories of the Sydney Olympic Games?

I'll be back again on Friday and I'm not sure yet what I'll be posting so it will be a surprise to both you and me.

See you then,



  1. Awwww this post brings back fond memories, of one of my favorite times in my life. Spent the month photographing events going on and around the Sydney Olympics with my photography school! I should dig out those negatives!

  2. It was a special time wasn't it? Every-one seemed to embrace the Olympic spirit and for 2 weeks the world was a kinder, more gentle place. I just wish I'd been working a bit less and partying a bit more!



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