Christmas Craftiness

I don't 'do' crafts, so I don't know what came over me this year. When it came time to wrap the Christmas presents, I wanted to steer away from the usual red, green or silver Christmas colours. I decided I'd go with the brown paper packages tied up with string a la Le Petit Atelier. I was quite taken with the pom-poms I saw all over blogland last year and wondered if it were possible to construct pom-poms from newspaper.

I found a pom-pom tutorial here on Once Wed and gave it a go using newspaper. Newspaper is pretty tough and tore a little bit but I persevered. I soon found the larger the pom pom, the easier they were to make. My hands were covered in newspaper print but my first efforts looked pretty good, so I made a few more.

I then went a little bit crazy and went for a 2 tone effect. I tried 2 combinations - brown paper interleaved with greaseproof paper and brown paper interleaved with newspaper. Pretty effective wrapping, don't you think, for absolutely no money? I used newspaper and brown paper I already had in the house, tied it together with kitchen string and used little tags I already had in my kitchen drawers. Old sheet music or maps would work just as well.

My friends live all over the country, so most of my presents have been sent by mail. I did hand one over to my friend, Little One last week and she was stunned by the wrapping, but thankfully in a good not a bad way.

What do you think?  Can you see garlands of newspaper and brown paper pom poms as the next big wedding decor trend?  And how am I going to top this Christmas wrapping effort next year???

Life is such a quandary,



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