Fruit Mince Tarts - a little taste of Christmas

My idea of Christmas has always been the traditional Charles Dickens kind without the Scrooge - turkey with all the trimmings, fruitcake, pudding and fruit mince tarts. I've always liked fruit mince tarts because they're like a little taste of Christmas. They have all the flavours of Christmas packaged into one sweet little morsel.

Many moons ago I had an English boyfriend and one Christmas he asked for mince tarts. I didn't have a pastry recipe so I quickly scrawled one down on the back of a shopping docket from a book I found at the local supermarket. I've long since lost that recipe but I adapted another recipe which tastes pretty much the same.

I bring mince tarts to work on my last working day of the year. Until recently I used bottled fruit mince from the store jazzed up with the addition of grated apple and lemon rind but this year I decided it was time to make my own fruit mince. I used this recipe for the fruit mince from Gourmet Traveller but used my own pastry recipe. My recipe also uses cornflour, so if you want to try this one, it isn't too far from my own pastry recipe.

I still had some bottled fruit mince mixture leftover from last year so used that up first then filled the rest with the home made version. I forgot to decorate the tops of those tarts differently so I have no idea which tart contains which filling. I was tired when I came home from work so that's my excuse.

I brought them into work packaged like this. I snaffled 2 of the tarts for myself and had one on the journey to Brisbane.

Now that I'm home in Brisbane after a very long and soggy drive, I felt a bit bad hoarding a solitary fruit mince tart, so off I went  to the shops this morning to buy the ingredients for another batch. They're now cooling on a wire rack just waiting for a dusting of icing sugar.

Many thanks to Holly of decor8 for featuring my photos of the Finders Keepers Market on her blog last week.

See you all again on Wednesday,



  1. You're welcome Jillian -- and I love the photos that you took of your fruit mince pies, they should be in a magazine. Beautiful!

  2. Thanks for the nice comment Holly. My photos in a food magazine, well that's a bit of a dream of mine.

    Lots more xmas baking to come.

  3. what beautiful little tarts! you are a wonderful baker and food photographer.

  4. Hi Sara,

    thanks for the kind words.


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