Have you heard about Berry? It's a small town on the highway south of Wollongong, and known for it's sourdough bakery and cute shops.

The day I visited, there was a queue for a table at the Berry Wood-fired Sourdough Bakery. Even the pooches were standing in line.

Berry is a popular weekend destination and as I walked around the town I saw loads of cafes and b&b's.

Then I spied this amazing house on the highway. It looked completely out of place amongst the cute wooden cottages but it was fabulous. It reminded me of images I'd seen of the Ace Hotel Palm Springs.

I'd love to know when this place was built, by whom and most importantly, why? It's currently on the market but just a little out of my price range and a bit too far from Sydney.

I hope the week's been kind to you. As I'm taking Friday off, I'm not sure if I'll be back again this week, so if I'm not, then have a great weekend.



  1. wow - that house is incredible! such wonderful bones....

  2. I'm not the only one who loves the house. I found a few other admiring blog posts in my travels,



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