passionfruit layer cookies

As you know, I have a bit of a thing for cookies. My cookie jar was empty last week so when I had an attack of the munchies, I had to attack my hidden stash of chocolate. I've been baking this weekend, so the cookie jar is full again.

It's still passionfruit season here and when passionfruit are in abundance, I buy up big and freeze the pulp to use later in the year.

I adapted this Stephanie Alexander recipe to make these cookies. Instead of using passionfruit pulp in the cookie dough, I strained the pulp to make passionfruit juice. I sandwiched the cookies together with some cream cheese icing made using passionfruit pulp then iced the cookies with passionfruit icing.

It's a delicate cookie, so a few cracked during the whole process, but that just left more for the cook. The cookies are very yummy just iced and I'm not sure they're better sandwiched together with the filling.

It's birthday week at work so a chocolate cake is in the oven as I write this. Friday is my day off and I'm really looking forward to my 3 day weekend.

See you all again on Wednesday,



  1. YUM these look utterly delicious!

  2. They are pretty scrumptious, I have to say.



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