pronto - plum crumble

Now that it's getting colder at night, my sweet tooth is rearing it's ugly head. I try not to overindulge so I've tracked down some lower fat versions of old family favourites, like lemon delicious pudding, rice custard and fruit crumbles. Sometimes I make apple crumble, sometimes apple and berry or rhubarb crumble but on this occasion I made a plum crumble.

The main ingredient in this simple plum crumble is a big tin of plums in fruit juice topped with an oats based crumble. I added 1 teaspoon of brown sugar to the drained plums before I cooked the crumble just to make sure they weren't overly tart. This is something similar to the recipe I used for the crumble topping but I used butter instead of the macadamia nut oil. The recipe makes a generous amount of the crumble topping so I store any leftovers in the fridge to use when the need for crumble strikes.

The sauce you see is just the juice from the tin to which I've added one cinnamon stick and a teaspoon of sugar then reduced to a thick syrup.

To make sure there was plenty of the lovely crunchy topping, I spooned a few extra tablespoons onto a tray and cooked the extra crumble for about 10 minutes until golden and crunchy. I served the crumble with a big dollop of natural yoghurt. Yum!

It's been a busy week so I thought I'd post this a little earlier as I have lots to do tomorrow night before the weekend begins.

See you all next week,


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