travel 2011 - edinburgh and london

I have a contingent of Scottish pals, all of whom I've known for many years. I met them whilst they were living and working in Sydney and we've managed to stay in touch through the years. Whenever I travel to the UK I always make a trip to Scotland. Sometimes I stay Glasgow but on this occasion, I'll be staying in Edinburgh.

This photo was taken on film during my last visit to Edinburgh in 2005. I was there to attend a conference and I didn't enter a single store during my visit. I'm only going to be in Edinburgh for a weekend in late June but I'm hoping to hit a few stores whilst I'm there. Any suggestions for great places to visit or things to see and do in Edinburgh from my readers would be greatly appreciated.

Now what about London? I first visited a foggy London when I was 15 and I've given up counting the number of times I've visited since then. I've already bookmarked a few new places I'd love to check out and some old favourites as well. I think I might take a day trip to Brighton as well, which I'm ashamed to say I've yet to visit.

I'm looking forward to your thoughts, so please send along your suggestions.

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