the croatian islands - korcula and hvar

When I looked into visiting Croatia, I knew I wanted to sail around the Croatian Islands. Somehow that morphed into a week long trip which involved catching ferries between the islands. The 2 islands we visited were Hvar and Korcula, only 90 minutes ferry ride apart.

The 2 islands may be close but they were very different in character. Korcula seemed more relaxed and family friendly whilst Hvar was a party island all the way.

Korcula is a walled town similar to Dubrovnik but much smaller in size and without the killer hills. It's a tiny little place and it didn't take long to see the sights in the old town.

I visited a few of the little churches just off the main square.


In my travels found the local fruit and vegetable market and came home with some peaches and blackberries.

It was as hot in Korcula as Dubrovnik so we caught a bus to Lumparda to visit the beach, which involved a walk along a dusty road. Apart from the grape vines, I could have sworn I was in Mexico.

We had our best meal of the trip in a little farmhouse restaurant in a small village outside Korcula. I can still taste the slow cooked lamb and potatoes and the cheesecake. I'm trying to get a copy of the recipe so I can try making it at home. All too soon we were up with the sun to catch the boat to Hvar.

We arrived in Hvar a bit tired and completely unprepared for the hike up 162 stairs to our accommodation. It was as hot in Hvar as Dubrovnik so finding ways to keep cool was our prime concern.

The main square of Hvar is made from white marble and an old fort keeps watch over the city. 

The most glamourous looking yachts I've ever seen were docked at the marina or in the harbour including one belonging to a Russian squillionaire.

Despite the heat we had a visit planned to see the lavender fields. The terrain was incredibly barren - rocks, olive trees and lavender but not much else.

To cool off we caught a water taxi to the nearby Pakleni Islands for a swim in a rocky cover followed by a fish bbq before catching the last taxi back to Hvar.

I'm running late so I better dash.

See you all later,


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