I thought I'd leave you with some photos of Split, the last place I visited in Croatia. I was only there for a day so I don't have many pictures from my time there. Our hotel was within the walls of the Diocletian Palace, a UNESCO heritage listed site.

It took us a little while, but soon we were able to navigate the little alleys like seasoned pros.

We had a view of the impressive cathedral from our hotel room.

I was up early on my last day in Split, so decided to visit the local fish markets.

I was there so early, I think I arrived before half the vendors had.

Next stop was the vibrant fruit and vegetable market - the biggest and best I saw in Croatia. Lots of tomatoes, cucumber, beans, capsicums, fresh herbs, peaches, plums and grapes. In the small side stalls you could buy bread, eggs, meat and cheeses. I bought some beautiful peaches and raspberries for my breakfast.

Most of the stall holders were ladies of a certain age, as were their customers.


Today is my last day in Berlin. Tomorrow I make the long trek home to Sydney and the holiday will be over. It's back to work again for me on Tuesday and a thousand domestic chores to attend to between now and then, so it will be a few days before my brain and body will be able to put together a post.

See you all again next week,


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