gifts from the kitchen

A few months ago I went to the Sydney Finders Keepers to say hello to some of my Brisbane friends including the lovely Kylie Johnson. Before I left, Kylie pressed a package into my hand which contained some of these sweet ornaments. Kylie wanted me to have the tags because she knew I'd use them.

Well it took little longer than I expected but here's what I did with some of the tags. For Christmas last year one of my friends gave me a pot of her home made tomato and chilli chutney. I liked it so much I asked for the recipe.

I spiced it up a bit with some extra chilli and now it's really hot, so much so I don't know if I can actually give it as a gift without attaching a health warning!

Kylie also included a packet of biscuit ornaments, so now you know what I did with the remaining biscuit dough from Monday's post.

I'll be back next week with some more photos of my holiday purchases and those double chocolate sandwich biscuits.

Many thanks again to Kylie for my lovely gift,

Bye for now,


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