sweet and spicy souvenirs - rice pudding with oven roasted rhubarb

When I went on my holidays, I had a wish list of things I wanted to buy - an antique wooden bread board, some ceramic spoons, a french milk bottle and some confit jars - all the things that are hard to find in Sydney or else just too expensive.

Well I managed to track down most of those goodies and I posted the items home to Sydney from Amsterdam, London and Paris. Everything arrived home in 1 piece and you should have seen me struggling home from the post office with all my parcels. In my new Wednesday feature, which hasn't got a title at this stageI thought I'd match food with my new purchases. As always if you have any bright ideas for a title, I'd love to hear them.

I bought these sweet little ice cream bowls from Le Petit de Atelier in Paris and as it was too cold to contemplate ice cream, I thought I'd match the bowls with some rice pudding using the basic recipe mentioned in the article.

I had some oven roasted rhubarb with strawberries left in the fridge, so I combined the two to make my new favourite winter pudding.

I managed to carry the bowls across Europe without any breakages, then disaster struck as I was doing the washing up. I dropped one of the little ice cream spoons and naturally it broke. I tried gluing it back together but it looks a bit dodgy. What a pity I can't just pop back to Paris to buy a replacement spoon.

I'll see you all again next week. Bye for now,



  1. Oh no :-( How cute they all are. Look beautiful in your photos :-)

  2. bummer on the ice cream spoon. they look so cute!!! Would the dodgy one work for holding small non-food items (e.g. rings) ?

  3. I'm sure I can still use the spoon in photos with a little bit of Photoshop magic but not so sure it would hold up to digging into a bowl of ice cream!


  4. Anonymous5:00 pm

    I leave in Paris....would you like me to get some new ones for you and send them over?

  5. Anne,

    Thanks so much for your kind suggestion. If you email me we can talk about it.



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