carrot layer cake

Can you remember when you first tried carrot cake? My first slice was a very long time ago. Carrot cake seems to have fallen out of favour but I'm determined to bring it back into the spotlight again because you know what, it's a really nice cake. 

I found this recipe a few years ago and modified the cake by using grated pumpkin instead of carrot. The cake was a runaway success but I always wondered if it would taste as good made with carrot. A few weeks ago, I gave it a try. I fancied the thought of a layer cake so I baked the mixture in two 8 inch layer pans then split each of the layers into two making a 4 layer cake.

I completely stole the idea of decorating the top of the cake from this site, Call Me Cupcake.

This cake is an absolute winner and even people who claimed they didn't like carrot cake managed to scoff 2 pieces of this little gem. I'm not sure why it's so delicious. Maybe it's the dates in the mixture but this very yummy cream cheese icing helps.

I had a very busy weekend and I'm aching all over. If you check back on Wednesday you'll be able to see the fruits of my labour. Meanwhile, I hope this post inspires you to retry this retro classic,




  1. Juliana4:16 am

    I love carrot cake!! I don't know if it's because of the cream cheese frosting, though. I prefer mine plain, i.e. carrots, rainsins and walnuts.

    My idea for your new Wednesday feature:
    SSS: Sweet+Savory Souveniers

  2. carrot cake is unbelievable, i request my friend's mom to make it every time we visit home! maybe i should give it a go myself now..

  3. Hi Juliana,

    maybe sweet and saucy souvenirs? Thanks for the suggestion.


    give the recipe a try. It's not complicated, just a lot of chopping and measuring,



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