semolina yoghurt bundt cakes

I found this recipe for semolina yoghurt bundt cakes in last year's Delicious magazine diary.  The recipe doesn't contain any eggs so I was really intrigued.

Lots of my colleagues have been on leave so I had to wait until there were enough people to do justice to the cakes. I halved the recipe but it still made 4 mini bundt cakes.

The end result is more pudding-like than cake but the combination of yoghurt and ginger was very yummy. I wasn't quite sure if my test audience would approve though.

I don't normally decorate my cakes with flowers but the little daisies were so so sunny, I couldn't help myself. I had some candied lemon peel left over from my Christmas baking, so that went on the tops of the cakes as well.

I took 3 of the cakes into work and one is still in the deep freeze which in theory is for the cook, but I'll probably take it into work this week for morning tea. I was surprised to find my colleagues really loved them, despite or maybe because of their pudding consistency.

Did you have good weekends? I took Friday off and went to the country to see Farmer Andrew. He whipped up one of his famous pavlovas and I made use of his farm fresh eggs to make a cake, which will be up on the blog in the next week or so. It was a very busy weekend and I have another very busy week ahead of me at work.

I'll see you all again on Wednesday,


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