buttermilk chicken

I'm always after something for my dinner that's quick to put together and delicious to eat. When I saw this recipe featured on Smitten Kitchen I went back to the original source, Nigella Lawson to check out her buttermilk chicken recipe.

buttermilk chicken

I don't make many Nigella recipes as they're usually dripping with fat but this one was easy to adapt. I simply left all the oil out of the recipe!

buttermilk chicken

Before I did the shopping Saturday morning, I checked the fridge and pantry and I had everything I needed apart from the chicken drumsticks. I put the marinade together one night and marinated the chicken for 2 days before I roasted the drumsticks with some of my favourite kipfler potatoes.

My oven is slow so the drumsticks took about an hour before they were ready. I served them with a simple side dish of steamed greens and the chicken legs were delicious. They're garlicky and peppery and I think the maple syrup just helps the skin to turn a lovely golden brown. I can see them appearing regularly on my table.

See you all again on Wednesday,


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