upside down blackberry cake

I'd hate to give you the impression that everything I bake turns out perfectly, because that's not always the case. This upside down blackberry cake is a case in point.

The blackberry season is really short in Sydney so when I spied some fresh blackberries, I thought I'd try a Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall recipe I found online. I only bought one punnet of berries because they were quite expensive and I thought I had sufficient frozen berries at home to cover the bottom of the tin. Well I didn't.

No worries I thought. It will be alright. Well it wasn't.

The cake uncovered by berries stuck to the baking parchment and although I tried to camouflage the top with icing sugar it didn't make the cake look much better. The cake was absolutely delicious though and I would make it again but next time, to quote Nigella Lawson, I'd strew the berries over the top of the cake and abandon the whole upside down cake concept. I'm sure it would taste just as fine and look prettier to boot.

I promise to show you one of my baking success stories next time when I'll be back home in Sydney, meanwhile it's absolutely bucketing down here in Brisbane.

Bye to you all for now,



  1. Juliana3:38 am

    Blackberries are my favorite berries, and even though the cake might not look "perfect", I'm sure it tastes perfect.

    1. Thanks Juliana. I don't eat much of my baking but I did try a piece of this cake and topped with a dollop of yoghurt, it was delicious.

      Your trip to Paris must be coming up very soon. Have a great time,


    2. Juliana3:26 am

      Thank you! I'm very excited with a list of places I HAVE to go to. Thanks again for your suggestions.


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