passionfruit melting moments

One of my friends, Jenny, has a passion fruit vine and when we last caught up she gave me a bag full of passion fruit. The pulp freezes well so some of the pulp is in the freezer waiting for another day, the rest I've been using in my baking. A few weeks ago the bickie tin was empty so I made some passionfruit melting moments using this recipe.

I was trying to track down the history of melting moments and it's one of those recipes claimed by both Australia and our Kiwi cousins. Growing up the recipe was printed on the side of the box of a well known brand of cornflour (cornstarch). I probably haven't made a batch of these biscuits since I was at school.

I take almost all of my baking into work but sometimes I'm a little bit selfish and make things just for myself.

These little babies never made it past my front door even though it was my honest intention to take them into work. They were too good to share! 

Meanwhile a minor catastrophe struck my apartment building last Friday. The gas supply to the building was disconnected due to a leaking pipe so I wasn't able to do any baking during the weekend. We're still in the process of arranging repairs and I have to make something for a farewell morning tea on Thursday with no guarantee I'll have a working oven. Yikes!



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