Copenhagen - part II

For the second part of my trip to Copenhagen I thought I'd take you to Assistens CemeteryI've always had a thing about cemeteries. They're often peaceful places, lush with greenery and the headstones have such interesting inscriptions.

I spied these beautiful lilacs.

The cemetery is the resting place of Hans Christian Andersen and Soren Kierkegaard. 

It's just a short bus ride from these markets. The produce was gorgeous but I admit I came here quite often for the pastries.

Here are some of those flowers I warned you I'd been photographing. There seems to be a beautiful flower shop around every corner of the city.

I couldn't help myself.

Some cute places in Fredericksberg.

Like Granola and the one room Central Hotel and Cafe and this lovely flower shop I found next to Granola.

I'll leave you with this dash of street colour.

I still have so many more photos to share with you because Copenhagen is such a photogenic city. So stay tuned!

Bye for now,


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