tokyo - part 1

Hi every-one, as promised I have some images to share from my time in Tokyo. I stayed at the Park Hotel near the Tsujiki Markets and Ginza and it was a lovely way to begin my trip to Japan.

I arrived the last day of Golden Week, a series of 5 public holidays, so the streets were busy with holiday makers. During the weekend and holidays the roads are shut in Ginza and turned into a pedestrian thoroughfare.

I spied this handsome chap (and yes I am talking about the dog) outside the Wako Department store.

The middle image was the view from my room and the one on the right was taken from the hotel lobby. The one on the left was taken from the observatory at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) Building.

The TMG has 2 towers. It's the imposing building you can see above and is next to the Shinjuku Gyoen Garden. As you can see it's a popular place for a lunch time nap!

The hotel was one stop away from the Tokyo Railway Station and I seemed to be at the station on a daily basis. It's been newly renovated/rebuilt and it's a very impressive building so I took lots of photos.

The railway station is in the Marunouchi district, which is quite lovely with tree lined streets, restaurants and very exclusive shops.

It also features some impressive old buildings and is close to the Imperial Palace.

Brightly coloured hanging baskets lined the streets.

I found this pretty little garden area.

It was part of the Marunouchi Brick Square Complex.

Where I came across this wedding party. This art gallery is also part of the complex. It's a faithful reconstruction of the original Mitsubishi Building that was built in the 1800's but demolished in the 1960's.

That pretty much covers my first day in Tokyo. On the second day I visited the Tsujiki markets; did a shop-shoot and visited some famous shrines. More photos to follow soon.

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