tokyo - part II Tsujiki, Meiji Shrine and Asakusa

I began my second day in Tokyo with a visit to Tsujiki, home to the fish markets. I was still feeling pretty queasy but I wanted a sushi breakfast so over to the markets I strolled, about a 15 minute walk from the Park Hotel provided one heads in the correct direction. I didn't.

Now this is a very old market and very busy and there are many strict rules one has to follow when visiting. Guys zoom around on little motorised carts and there is a traffic controller on site to prevent accidents. I found it all a bit scary.

There are 2 parts to the market - the inner market which is closed to the general public until 9.00 a.m. and the outer market where kitchen equipment is sold as well as some fruit and vegetables. All the sushi shops are located in the outer market.

It's all a bit Dickensian and there are plans
to move the markets.

Did you know the market has it's own shrine?

My reward. The freshest, tastiest sushi I've ever eaten and the nicest miso soup I've ever had.

With my tummy filled with sushi I did a shopshoot at this lovely place.

Then it was over to Harajuku to visit the famous Meiji shrine.

The shrine is located in a lovely leafy green tranquil setting.

The gates are absolutely huge.

An impressive wall of sake containers.

Some details I found.

The shrine itself.

The impressive roof line.

The following day I travelled to Asakusa, another historic district of Tokyo. It was very touristy.

Some details, all in red.

Cute overload!

The temple was enormous and crowded.

I still managed to find a few quiet areas though. 

That's the last of my Tokyo photos for now as I still have my Fog Linen shop-shoot to share with you. Next time I'll bring you some photos from my trip to Nikko.

So until then,



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