When I was planning my holiday I wanted to visit a few of the Greek islands but I also didn't want to spend all my time packing and travelling. In the end, I decided to visit just 2 islands, Santorini and Milos.

It took about 2 1/2 hours on a fast ferry to reach Milos from Santorini. I stayed at Halara Studios high on a hill in charming Plaka, the capital city of Milos.

Plaka is nowhere near the beach and about 5 kms from the Port of Adamas. At the top of the hill is an old Venetian castle, the Kastro.

Plaka is very pretty with white washed buildings and lots of colourful touches.

The view from the church overlooking Plaka.

Plaka is close to a number of historic sights including the catacombs and the Roman Theatre. The walk down to the catacombs is very pretty.

You pass the Roman theatre first before reaching the Catacombs. The Roman Theatre is still in use to this day.

It's a beautiful structure.

A close-up.

From there I walked to the nearby village of Tripiti.

Tripiti is home to a number of windmills most of which have been converted into holiday accommodation. Directly below Tripiti is the fishing village of Klima.

A different viewpoint.

Try as I might I couldn't figure how to get to Klima so the following day I walked down there via the main road. Klima is known for it's colourful houses called syrmata where the boats are stored downstairs whilst the fisherman lived upstairs.

These days many of the houses have been converted into holiday accommodation but I saw a few fisher folk working on their boats and nets whilst I was there.

Klima is probably best seen from the water.

On my third day I went on a boat trip around the west coast of Milos with Milos Adventures.

It was supposed to be a swimming trip but this girl doesn't get into water if the mercury hasn't hit 27C and we were struggling to hit 20C that day. Some brave souls did enter the water accompanied by shrieks.

We went in a dinghy to explore the Pirate's Caves in Kleftiko. It was a good day.

Today it rained so I stayed locally and went for a walk through fields of flowers from the Roman Theatre back to my accommodation in Plaka.

Tomorrow I fly to Athens so tonight I had a farewell meal at my favourite local restaurant before packing.

I'll have some photos of Athens to share with you next time we meet.

Bye for now,




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