carcoar and millthorpe

On my second day in Orange I drove to Carcoar and Millthorpe, 2 historic villages in the region. Carcoar styles itself as the town that time forgot and it's also home to Paralympian Kurt Fearnley.

Carcoar has barely changed since my last visit except for the addition of a restaurant, a coffee shop and Tomolly where I met it's delightful owner, Belinda Satterthwaite.

 Carcoar has some great old buildings to photograph but let's return to Tomolly. 


Tomolly is filled to the brim with all things lovely.

So many beautiful things, including this bouquet of dried hydrangea.
Filled with lovely home wares, linen, ceramics and gifts, Tomolly is certainly worth a detour off the highway.
I took another little wander down the main street before I drove over to Millthorpe. I stayed in Millthorpe for a few days during my last visit, so the streets were familiar to me. The town is filled with lots of lovely old commercial buildings, many of which have been turned into residences.
I was really taken with this old bank building.
The house in which I last stayed was just around the corner from the school so I dropped by. The old school house was unchanged but the school itself had grown.
Millthorpe is home to the hatted restaurant Tonic, which can be found on Pym Street.
This gorgeous old car was parked outside the restaurant.
Orange is a cool climate wine region and many cellar doors can be found in Millthorpe.
Drinking and driving don't mix so I passed them by and instead focused on the buildings in which they were housed.
I found this old bench outside an antique store
and in keeping with vintage, I found this old Citroen 2CV parked outside.
This 'fixer-upper' was for sale but I decided it was a bit too much work for me so passed.
Beautiful textures abound.
A few more to share with you.
A sign of the season.
The obligatory cute dog photo.

The holiday is long over but I have a few more photos to share with you from Mayfield Gardens, the last stop on my trip through Western NSW. 

That's for another post though so I'll see you all again soon.

Bye for now,



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