Welcome to Part 2 of my mini break where I explored the region around Orange. It's been 20 years since I last visited Millthorpe and Carcoar so I was interested to see if any changes had been wrought by time.

I didn't spend much time in Orange during that trip, so I decided to stay there in a studio apartment on Byng Street. I roamed around the downtown area peeking in all the shops then spent some time in Cook Park.
It's winter here in the Southern hemisphere and Orange had received a good dump of snow just a few days earlier so I found Cook Park in winter mode. The next day I drove to Carcoar and Millthorpe but my first stop was the Towac Pinnacle Lookout.
Yes, you do have to climb a few stairs to reach the lookout, but I think the view was worth it.
The walk to the lookout takes you through some lush green bushland.

I plugged Carcoar into my phone and my phone took me on a scenic route to my destination past Lake Canobolas where I spied the very cute Canobolas Dance Hall.
The Dance Hall
was surrounded by a riot of colour, so unexpected in the middle of winter.
I couldn't miss out on a winery visit so I went to Philip Shaw Wines on Shiralee Road because it wasn't too far from my accommodation. As I don't really drink I skipped the wine tasting and instead roamed the estate taking photos.
I loved all the old buildings that had been brought to the site from nearby farms. There was a large semi enclosed timber structure strung with lights that looked like it would be a great wedding venue.
The beautiful blue stone building houses the cellar door.
Another great old cabin.
Trusses from an old Sydney wool store have been re-purposed to create pathways through the estate.
The hillside is terraced with smaller walled spaces, some paved with gravel; some grassed. There was a boules court and I saw a young family playing an impromptu game of soccer on one terrace complete with their dog acting as a defender.
I found lots of pretty things to photograph.
I think this was a huge paella pan.

The winery was the last stop on my trip to Orange but I have a few more photos to share with you from Carcoar and Millthorpe so I'll be back with those soon.

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