Raspberrry Coconut Friands

The Sydney weather forecast wasn't looking promising so I promised myself a day at home doing some baking and editing photos. I tried out a Bill Granger recipe for friands that I found on the SMH website. I've not had a chance to taste one yet, but they smelt very good when they came out of the oven.

In one of the photos you can see my Grandma' s cream cow. Grandma always had the cow in her fridge with just enough milk for her daily cups of tea. My grandma died 17 years ago and the cream cow was bequeathed to me. I think she got lost because she only made her way down to Sydney from Brisbane last year. She now sits on my china shelf where I can see her happy face every day.

Tomorrow I'm making an apple cheesecake for work so expect a few more photos,



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