Turku, jetlag and other stuff

Whoever said jetlag doesn't exist has never done a long haul flight between Europe and Australia. And for some reason the jetlag is always worse on the return leg. Maybe that's because the holiday is over and it's back to the real world?

I've stopped waking at 1.00 a.m then falling asleep at 7.00, I'm now in the brain fog stage. I was asked today about my baking and replied that at the moment if I tried to make a cake, I'd probably put the shells into the cake batter and throw out the egg yolks so I shall wait until the fog lifts.

Somehow I am managing to get my photos edited and today's photos are from Turku in Finland. Turku has a lovely river which took me some time to find and a lively market square. Armed with my map I strode from my lodgings and promptly went in the wrong direction for about an hour before eventually finding my way back to the river.

It was a gorgeous sunny Sunday so the cafes were buzzing. I noticed a number of nice looking shops near the library and put them on my list of places to visit on the Monday. I then crossed the bridge to visit the cathedral.

Monday I went out early to catch the hustle and bustle of the markets. The strawberries smelt amazing so I bought a bag and they tasted as good as they looked and smelt.

Whole stalls were devoted to just dill and potatoes. Other stalls for plants and flowers.

I'd planned a visit to the Art Gallery but it was closed on Monday. Instead I caught the bus to Naantali and roamed around the old town for a bit.

The old town's skyline is dominated by the Convent Church and the Moomin World theme park

From Turku I caught the overnight ferry to Stockholm. I arrived in Stockholm just after the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria so the place was still decorated with floral tributes and ribbon garlands of yellow and blue.

It's the final week of Masterchef here so I'm off to watch the last few episoded. I was so surprised when I returned home to find that Marion had been eliminated. I would have put money on her to win the competition,

I'll be back again oon Wednesday so until then,


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