Stockholm Part 1

Greetings from Brisbane. Yes I'm in another city so that meant I had 6 days at home before boarding yet another plane. Another flight means more packing and after 5 weeks carrying 10 kilos of camera gear on my back and dragging another 15 kilos of luggage behind me, I decided to leave the laptop at home and have travelled to Brisbane with just a small carry-on. Bliss.

Today's images are from Stockholm. I've prepared so many images I'm going to spread them over 2 posts so you won't go into image overload. I stayed at the Hotel Hellsten which was nice and close to the t-bana. I bought a 3 day Stockholm Card and zoomed around all over Stockholm using public transport. I tried to visit as many museums as I could and I also walked miles and miles.

The ferry from Helsinki arrives really early in the morning, so I dropped off my luggage and headed into Gamla Stan (the Old City) to visit the Royal Palace. I'd wanted to visit the Royal Apartments but unfortunately they were closed for the week. I'd read how busy Gamla Stan gets and busy it was and for the first time in weeks I heard Australian accents amongst the tourists.

Wasn't the light fantastic in this shot?

I'd read somewhere that the best time to photograph Stockholm was very early in the morning so one morning I caught the earliest train I could into Gamla Stan so I could capture that golden light without too many other tourists getting into my shots.

Stockholm is a beautiful city, filled with beautiful people. Coming from a city built by the water, I found many similarities between Stockholm and Sydney minus the ancient palaces of course!

I couldn't stop taking photographs!

When I was going through the images I noticed a few were missing. It was in Stockholm that my graphics card went into melt-down and I'd failed to download one of the cards. Thankfully I realised my error before deleting my cards. I have a strict rule not to delete my cards until they've been backed up on an external hard drive and burnt to a dvd, which I followed.

Come back Friday to check out Part 2 of my Stockholm images, which are just a small sample of those I took.

Bye for now,


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