Sweet and spicy souvenir - Mulberry Frangipane Tart

Today's souvenir is a confiture jar I picked up in Paris at BHV but what to match it with? Last week one of my workmates handed over a small container of mulberries. When I was growing up, every-one had a mulberry tree in their back yard. We didn't, but the branches from the next door neighbour's tree conveniently overhung the back fence. I love mulberries and my fingertips were often stained with the tell tale mauve evidence of my pilfering.

mulberry frangipane tart

I was meeting friends for lunch last Sunday and it was my task to bring along the dessert, so I pondered for a moment and decided to make a mulberry frangipane tart. I made up my own recipe but based it loosely upon this one here. I didn't have enough time or mulberries to make my own mulberry jam but bought some French blackberry jam instead.

I get up really early each Sunday to get my baking underway before a 9.15 a.m. cycle class. It's pretty early but the light is so nice then.

I topped the tart with slivered almonds. I'd planned to sift some icing sugar over the tart before serving I but forgot to take it with me.

mulberry frangipane tart

I took a little slice home with me to taste, as I'd not made this before.

mulberry frangipane tart

When it was time to taste my slice, it was pretty nice and soon after, I received an sms from my friend thanking me for the yummy tart. I'm sure I'll be making this tart again next Mulberry season.

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